Wooden Objects

Every artwork basically is not something
that has a meaning, but first and foremost
a reality that has a beingness.
Real is that which has an effect;
but therefore those are required
who allow that effect on themselves.
- Peter Lutz -

Left-overs. Silent victors in the battle of the elements. The seas did not want them and gave them back. The scorching desert sun could not bring them down completely. Water, salt, sand and wind have torn them, ripped them, gnawn them and let them alone at last. There they lie, faded, edges cut round. Wainting.

Tina Sackermann collects them at the beaches of Croatia and Liguria, in the deserts of Arizona, Syria, Tunesia, in the forests of Poland and at the rock faces of the Herault in Southern France. She washes, purifies, arranges and shapes out of dumb survivors silver-tongued witnesses of material exitence, Guards, Dancers, Triumphants within the maelstrom of mortality.

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