The Living Art

The more I think, the more
I feel that there is nothing
more truly artistic than
the love of people.
- Vincent van Gogh -

There is a path to ennoble life into an art. It starts at the narrow one of both of the gates. The decision to walk along that path brings a lot of challenges and some important questions: Who am I really? What am I here for? What is my contribution? How will I bring it into the world successfully?
Often times artists are pioneers on that path. Since bearing with the existential extremes of an artist's life and mastering those day by day requires an existential desire to live the dream of true humanity.

Hence, in a very natural way the artist Tina Sackermann is enabled to offer her service as an experienced travel companion in the matter of the Living Art. On the path which to walk along in company is so much more delightful!