In The Beginning Was Art

Arts themselves and their kinds
are related to each other,
they have a certain tendency
to unite.
- J.W. von Goethe -

Portrait Tina SackermannWelcome to the life of Tina Sackermann!
Tina Sackermann is an internationally successful artist. Her work embraces a rich palette of creative expression. Colours, shapes, materials, movement and words are used in service of two fundamental principles of artisic creation: beauty and value.

She has commited herself to beauty. And value is almost increate whenever beauty is being loved and honoured. The works of Tina Sackermann reflect love telling its story. And a story of travelling. To teh most monumental landscapes on this earth, to the wisdom of foreign cultures, to people all over the world — and towards the inner being, to the landscapes of the own soul.
Dive deep into a sensual world of colourful images, archaic wooden objects, exotic jewellery, tempting dances, artistically and individually designed interiors, a world of a language older than words: art!