Fine Arts

Art reveals to humans their
right to exist. She reveals to them
the meaning of life, enlightens them
about their destiny, lets them find their
way in their existence.
- Auguste Rodin -

Art is living. She nurishes heart and soul.
Whenever a painting, a wooden object or a piece of jewellery from the studio of Tina Sackermann finds its new home with art lovers around the globe there is always an arrival taking place.

The radiating light of the colors of a painting arrive where it may be able to warm, to illume, perhaps even to enlighten. Drift woods and wooden finds of most diverse origin, often after gruelling journeys, arrive where composed to an object they experience consistency and are allowed to fill a room with the essence of their story purified during the course of the years. Beads collected at the bazaars of the orient, the markets of Africa or by the native people of America anew enchant the reverential admirer at the sight of a woman who has arrived in her natural beauty.

And the artist? She arrives wherever one of her pieces goes. For it is a part of her.