Art is the sanctification
of the sensual nature.
- Bettina von Arnim -

„In the course of my life I remember as a child painting a special blue picture. In colours life had offered to me in abundance. Colours that walked with me on the paths and through the seasons of my years. Colours that reminded me of people. Colours like trust, friendship or love. Colours that expressed the depths of my growth, hope, gifts I gave to life and my thanks and joy for all that I had received from life. Colours that immersed in the light that created and illuminated my world. Distant evidence of the primeval and undivided light.

The colour white appears more and more in my paintings of late. I first discovered its special light on my journeys through the African desert. White expresses the light of that landscape, a light that often seemed irretrievable to me until I started to tell the stories of those landscapes in my paintings. Virgin landscapes. Landscapes of the soul – their harmony creating the essence of my expression. Landscapes where I find myself and where my experiences lead far beyond myself. Here the observer experiences in the paintings my heart and soul which in turn speaks to theirs. Paintings that create an atmosphere in rooms by capturing the eyes and charming the hearts of those who surround them.”

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