The room: A space of encounter

We shape our buildings,
thereafter they shape us.
- Winston Churchill -

Within the original concept of architecture the construction of a building is a repetition of the Act of Creation.
The room as our third skin is a place of healing power. It manifests the expression of the dignity and repect a human can show themselves. Evolution and progression from the cave into the designed room of modern age reveal man as an architect of his life.

Interior Atmosphere Design shapes a heart direction. It aims to create well-being in its most extensive meaning.  A place of light, of colours, of contemplation. A place fulfilling the most high: ”Here I am Man: here, dare to be.“ (From Goethe's Faust)
Only that beingness opens up a space for a meaningful life. For ideas and creativity. For the design of relationships within the family and friendships. And for the profession.

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