Art Reade Seminars

Do you know what I promise you?
The sky shall be light and clear for you!
This is what I promise you.
- Ojibwa -

Art Reade from Phoenix/AZ has been a trainer and consultant for over 20 years. He developed his working methods from the American Human Growth Movement and from the traditions of his Apache ancestors. Within his trainings he mainly works with concepts showing us how our limiting belief-systems and behaviors take impact on our health and  our lives. Through his seminars and talks Art Reade passes on his knowledge about the self-healing-powers of the human organism and the possibility for everyone to reach higher levels of  mental,  emotional,  physical  and spiritual well-being. He provides a practical and modern way of applying that knowledge to one's personal life.

Art Reade Arizona Tina Sackermann

Tina Sackermann has been accompanying, translating and organizing Art Reade for many years in the area of Berlin.

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