Spiritual Oriental Dance

Here within this body are the
sacred rivers: here are
suns and moons and all the
places of pilgrimage as well.
- Saraha -

In archaic times heaven and earth would meet through oriental dance.  It was sacred and sensual at the same time. And it served as a tool for manifestation.
On this historical canvas Tina applies the polycentric motion sequences to conduct women toward themselves and potentiate their natural expression of life. The creative experience of dance is a encounter with the inner self. The rediscovery of the inside through oriental dance is being transformes into individual expression. Deep within oriental dance holds the power of change. It reunites Ying with Yang, propitiates dark sides, is pleasurable. And it is a blessing for the self-confidence of being a woman.

The Dance of Life. Facets reflecting in light and colours. The body finding her origin within the sound of the drum. Dancing herself. In front of and in company with others. Dancing, vibrating atoms, healing power. Bliss as the expression of becoming.
The rhythmic impulse awakening the character of the fairy tale princess, the praise-giving angel, the priestress, the godess. The dancer being clothed in precious shining tissues. Her jewellery in motion bursting into beauty and fantasy. Creation. And a way of life.