”Sternstunden“ trainings and counseling

If you bear what is inside of you,
that which you bear will save you.
If you donnot bear what is inside of you,
that which you donnot bear will destroy you.
- Gnostic, ascribed to Jesus -

Respond to life means: responsibility. To invest into personal growth and into shifting one's consciousness creates success. Success means: Fulfillment in all areas of life. Fulfillment derives from dreams that came alive. To make dreams come alive it takes magic. And it is magic whenever inspirations are brought  on earth. Or in other words: whenever Heaven is brought on earth. Whenever individual powerful ways of life become truly capable of living. For the individual, for the community, for the world.

Fading Awakening Dew-covered Shining Light violet

It is possible, easier and simpler than ever. ”Sternstunden“ trainings with Tina Sackermann offer a space and supportive guidance.

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