The freedom of living your dreams

There is abundance, here is abundance;
abundance comes from abundance;
take the abundance from the abundance,
even then there remains abundance.
- From the Isa-Upanisad -

Sooner or later on the path of the artist the wayfarer is being challenged to continously master financial uncertainties. Tina Sackermann has embraced that challenge as a lesson leading her  with benevolent sterness straight to working on her own mental capabilities — even thorugh supporting others in their personal development.
She still does so, and even more successful since she has had access to a special tool which enables her to live her dreams and realize her visions: a regular monthly passive income.

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This type of passive income overcomes the old paradigm of exchanging money for time, but replaces that paradigm with a nature-compliant strategy. Passive income is no mystery, but an economic trend at a market which generates double-digit growth numbers every year. And: Everyone can be sustainably successful with it, full-time or part-time, since the requirements to practise that way of economy consist of inner values such as integrity and interpersonal skills — just basic knowledge in human existence.
Tina Sackermann will gladly pass on her experience with passive income in a personal conversation.

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